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Benefits of Be Found On Online

  • Improve Your Brand Presence Online

Online presence of your brand is the very important lifeline of your business. It not only increases brand credibility but enhances the client retention rate too.High visibility ensures that your brand credibility is never questioned and its reach continues to expand.

  • Reach Targeted & Potential Customers before Your Competitors

Right & Effective SEO Strategy can lead to Page #1 Rankings which help you to reach your targeted and Potential Audience.

  • Get Relevant Traffic, More Sales & Great Revenue

With SEO’s main emphasis on higher search engine rankings, the relevant traffic on one’s website increases. This ultimately paves the path for more leads, conversions and higher sales.

  • Immense Business Growth

SEO is Longterm and Cost-Effective Technique & higher Rankings on Google leads your Business to Immense Growth, Better ROI, and Great Profits


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Are you looking for Freelance SEO Expert in Nagpur, India? Then let me introduce myself – I am Raj Baghele, working as a Full-Time Freelance SEO Consultant India. I have been offering exceptional freelance SEO consulting services to many clients both nationally and internationally for over 2 years. With half a decade’s experience in the digital marketing arena, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients coming from diverse backgrounds. I take pride in looking back at my journey as a freelance SEO expert who has helped the clients’ pave their way to the top rankings in SERPs.

Having received positive and encouraging feedback from my past employers, I decided to make it my duty to deliver excellence on every project I undertake and make my client’s online presence reach new echelons within the stipulated timelines. I am committed to paying personal attention to all my clients and their requirements by following a flexible work schedule aligned with my client’s availability. I aim at delivering the required prospects at a lower cost as compared to any other SEO consultant or SEO agencies around. Comprehending with the fact that the market is flooded with SEO agencies and freelancers, I ensure living up to the clients’ expectations of hiring someone who is reliable and can deliver outstanding results spread over a period of time.

Accordingly, your search for an SEO freelance consultant in Nagpur or India comes to an end once you decide to assign the said task to me. Feel free to call, text or even WhatsApp me on +91-7721042212 anytime and there begins our journey to make your website reach top rank in the search engine results list.

With this said, you stay assured of outranking your competitor(s) with the help of the specialized and customized services provided by me within no time.


Myself Raj Baghele (Freelance SEO Expert India & owner of Viralogy Digital Marketing) I am working as Full-Time SEO Consultant to many clients including Clients from India, USA, and more. SEO is a process of rank your website organically on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing to Get more visitors on the website. SEO is the best way to get maximum conversions from your website. Due to increase in competition, online everyone wants their business to Rank Ahead than their Competitors. To Gain Page 1 rankings on search engines you must need to optimize your site properly by doing proper on page SEO and off the page in a legit way


Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is one of many strategies that are employed by people with aims to make their business flourish on the internet. Others include SEO’s and social media marketing, etc. Opposite to what SEO does, pay per click type marketing buys visits to your sites or web pages. Whereas SEO tries to earn those same visits by making your site rank amongst the top


Looking For Social Media Marketing Consultant who can help you in boosting your social media presence. Then I will help you you to improve your reputation on the social media platforms and get you more fans and targeted traffic to your website from social media.I am RAJ BAGHELE with 2 plus years of experience in digital marketing. I am full-time freelance and dedicatedly working for my clients. Before moving forward let’s know about what is social media marketing & how it will help business to increase their brand creditability, even get conversions from social media.


Are you looking for Eye Catchy, Mobile and Search engine friendly website? Then your research begins here, but your search ends here. I am a full-time  Website Designer in Nagpur, India. I offer solutions for website design, development, and maintenance. Also, fulfilling digital marketing requirements too. With 2 years of diverse work experience, designing websites is my passion. I strive to make them rank on the first page of Google. From revamping the entire look and feel of your site to creating a new one. I offer it all at affordable prices. Further, I extend customized services. To ensure your website hit new echelons with each passing day in SERPs.

WORK DONE BY US (some examples) 


For Top Ranking, You Need to hire a Result Oriented Freelance SEO Consultant delivering competitive and expert SEO services.What I do as your  SEO expert, once you endow your trust on me, to take care of your online marketing and SEO needs can be listed as below:

✅Periodic Audit – An Audit is an ideal way that provides you with the necessary information about the integral aspects that your website might be missing. Further, it allows you to identify and overcome what might be acting as the hurdle on your organization’s growth path. All this, not only updates you about the elements on the website that needs to be fixed or repaired, but it also suggests improvements to the existing content. By conducting periodic reviews and audits, the actual can be compared with the pre-defined standards and accordingly corrective action can be implemented.

✅Reliable Results – It begins with the ultimate aim of making the website search engine friendly in addition to offering a user-friendly interface, which in turn, ensures a boost to your website’s rankings in SERPs. While implementing the appropriate SEO techniques, it is known and informed beforehand that SEO results take time to show the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that due maintenance is provided on a regular basis to give reliable results and stable rankings.

✅ Relevant Keywords – As your SEO consultant, I will provide you with a list of relevant keywords that are Profitable for your business. The right Selection of Keywords plays an important role in your website’s ranking since the selection of appropriate Keywords can get you both – more customers as well as conversions.

✅Effective SEO – This process mainly includes implementation of the changes suggested by an SEO website audit. On-page SEO includes making your website both search engine as well as user-friendly. Not only this but fixing errors, the addition of proper Tags, Keyword placement and much more form part of an effective SEO plan created and implemented by me.

✅Apt Content – In addition to the above-stated services, I help you regarding website’s content in a variety of ways such that it includes everything that is relevant starting from graphics, searchable databases, appropriate texts, tools etc. All these contribute to a great extent in making any website search engine friendly i.e. the one which the search engines, as well as users, prefer.

Google Loves High Quality and Appropriate Content and that is what I strive for as your freelance SEO expert.

All of the above can be expected in totality at the higher levels of SEO. Mainly because this includes the optimization of your website’s code. These go two ways for your website, first, it will help in making your content easy to understand for users, search engines etc. and secondly, it will help in lowering your web page’s loading time.

Apart from these important elements, I, as a Professional SEO Expert and SEO freelance consultant India provides you with many other exceptional services like reports on user traffic and ranking, conversion tracking etc. for achieving top rankings in SERPs

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